Using stand up comedy to build, maintain & sustain good mental health. 

By developing personal and professional skills this unique, fun course helps all areas of people's lives. 

Using peer support it creates a supportive environment where everyone can flourish. 

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Comedian on Stage

Why Comedy?

Comedy has the unique ability to reach people - whether you work in construction or consultancy, healthcare or hospitality, engineering or education everyone likes to laugh. 

Similarly, everyone has mental health. Just like physical health it's something that needs looking after throughout our lives. 

However, for a number of reasons, sometimes people can find it tricky to talk about their mental health. 

Humour is a great way of communicating. It allows people to drop their guard, help remove awkwardness and explore ideas. That's because when people are laughing they have to be listening and when they're listening they can learn. This can be used to inform, educate and entertain a people. 

Comedian on Stage