Course Outline

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This 6 week comedy course is aimed at people with experience of mental health problems.

The course is all delivered online via video conferencing with an expert tutor & professional comic. 

It is aimed at anyone above the age of 14 who has an interest in having a laugh. The course seeks to engage people who might typically be reluctant to talk about their mental health and uses humour to normalise the conversation. 

This course engages hard-to-reach groups such as men, BAME communities & mature patients who can be reluctant to engage in mental health support. 


By using peer support it helps nurture personal and professional growth as well as providing a hobby that lasts long after the course is finished. 

This course frames "recovery" as giving something back, rather than taking anything away. 

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About The Course

How Comedy Helps



85% of people suffer from low self esteem (Dr Joe Rubino, 2016). Stand up is a great way of building your confidence in a way that develops personal & professional skills that last long after the course has finished.


40% of men say they won't talk about their mental health (Priory Group Survey, 2018). Stand-up gives unique methods of talking about taboo subjects in a way that applies to everyday situations.


1 in 20 adults in England feel lonely “often/always” (ONS, 2018). Using peer support this course encourages participants to work together, build strong relationships & provides a common interest.


1 in 4 people has mental illness (APMS, 2007) but 4 in 4 people have mental health. This course looks at building, maintaining and sustaining good mental health, rather than focussing on mental illness.


Mental ill health in England alone is estimated to cost £105 billion per year (Mental Health Taskforce, 2017). This course cultivates problem solving skills, self belief and courage in a fun way.


12% of the NHS total budget is spent on mental health (Kings Fund, 2008). This course is low cost, but high impact; using video conferencing it is minimal expense for maximum exposure.

About The Tutor

This course has been written by Dave Chawner an award-winning stand up comedian, number 1 best selling author & presenter. 

Dave had anorexia for nearly 10 years before seeking treatment. He found it difficult to explain what was going on. Being a professional comic he used the tools at his disposal - humour - to help him understand, accept and explain his eating disorder. 

He now wants to pay that forward by teaching other people to sensitively use humour to inform, educate & entertain.